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Dubteriors T5 & T6 Conversions

The T5 and T6 make for perfect conversions, offering reliability and performance coupled with that VW cool! There are many people converting these newer VW vans – with fake wood and knock on edges being the norm; if you’re after an interior that rocks that 1980s caravan look, you’re certainly in luck! Of course, there are a few converters doing great, modern design and we certainly consider ourselves amongst the converters doing something a little more modern.

Svw t5 lwb campervan conversionpace is at a premium in a T5/T6 conversion, particularly in the short wheelbase versions. With the seat taking up a fair amount of space, limiting access to the wardrobe area, it’s important that the cupboard space designed to provide as much storage as possible.

Short or Long Wheelbase

The long wheelbase T5/T6 allows for extra options when it comes to conversions. The extra length allows for a bulkhead unit combined with a full-width bed. When the bed is down there’s a little space left between the bed and kitchen unit to stand up. Of course, with a bulkhead kitchen unit, there’s no option to have a walkthrough between two single seats, or a swivel passenger seat base. As always it’s a case of compromising and deciding what conversion configuration best suits your needs.

t6 campervan conversion company-sheffeildUnderslung

Ideally, we like to use a water tank underneath the van so it doesn’t take up vital storage space inside the van. An LPG tank is also a good option, it can also be positioned under the van, meaning that no gas has to be stored in the living area. We have completed conversions with LPG tanks feeding ovens, heaters and hob.

Living off grid

Traditionally, camper vans tended to have an intelligent split chrager – which basically worked out when the engine was running and in turn, allowed the van’s leisure battery to charge when the engine was running. So, as long as the van was driven around frequently, the leisure battery should stay charged up. A second 240v battery charger was also included so that when the van was ‘hooked up’ on campsites or at home, a second method of charging the leisure battery was in place.

All good then.

Well, not quite. Those crafty Germans have introduced smart alternators into their modern Transporters which mean those intelligent split charge relays aren’t quite intelligent enough to deal with this new fangled technology.

We think it’s time for camper vans to embrace solar power, combined with a more intelligent charging system which will combine the power of the sun with the power from the engine, meaning that living ‘off-grid’ can be a prolonged experience – no need to hook up on campsites anymore. We do still include a 240v charger in our T5 and T6 conversions though, giving you all the charging options you’ll need to run your onboard appliances for modern campervanning.

Poptop Roofs

Skyline RoofsWe supply and fit Skyline poptop roofs for both SWB and LWB t5s and T6s. A poptop roof makes a massive difference to a campervan conversion. They allow you to stand up when cooking your breakfast and also provides an extra double bed sleeping space – some people choose to sleep ‘upstairs’, leaving the seat as it is ‘downstairs’. With the Skyline roof, there is also the opportunity to have a ‘scenic canvas’ which allows the canvas to be unzipped allowing for fresh air in the van as well as a perfect opportunity to enjoy your camping view.

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