T5 Kitchen Pod

Ollie’s recently bought his LWB T5 and delivered it to us completely empty. Rather than a traditional kitchen interior layout, Ollie wanted a more flexible interior with a bulkhead unit that could be removed is required (which accounts for the lower right hand door – it’s not a design fail!). Our design incorporated a unit housing a liquid gel cooker which eliminated the need for gas, and a simple sink with fresh and waste water build in. The liquid gel cooker (which will be incorporated in our new flat pack T5 units hitting the metaphorical shelves next year!), is also portable allowing it to be removed for cooking outside or in the awning. The kitchen pod also incorporates 12v and 24ov electrics allowing their use if the unit is used in an awning.

The side unit allows for a permanent location for the electrics as well as a little more storage space, and also provides somewhere for children to perch!

We installed high end insulation and sound deadening throughout the van before boarding out and carpet lining. A durable vinyl flooring was chosen as the van is likely to see many a summer holiday away.

We fitted a Rusty Lee Bed and the whole thing was completed with custom upholstery.

We did...

  • Insulation and sound deadening
  • Flooring
  • Wall and roof panels
  • Carpet lining
  • Full 240v & 12v electrics
  • Lighting
  • Custom design kitchen Pod & side unit
  • Bed fitting
  • Upholstery
  • Raised Kombi Step