T25 full refit

Alicia and Michael’s T25 interior was in a thoroughly miserable state when it came to us…

strip out

The first task was to strip everything out, treat the inevitable floor rust and tear out the old carpet lining (which always clings on with some tenacity!). Once empty we set about thoroughly insulating and sound deadening, re-panelling and carpeting, and new flooring.

Alicia wanted a wider bed than the standard 3/4 rock ‘n’ roll bed, but not full width so there was still side storage cupboards. The custom rock ‘n’ roll bed offers that little more width. The bed was upholstered in blue vinyl with a patterned feature fabric infill and the upholstery design was replicated on the original front seats.

New leisure electrics were fitted (as you can see from the photo above – the old system had seen better days!), including lights above the sink and LED lights under the worktop.

Up front we added substantial sound deadening to help with road noise before fitted sisal cab mats.

We did...

  • Strip out old interior
  • Insulation and sound deadening throughout
  • Carpet lining
  • Custom width rock 'n' roll bed
  • Flooring
  • Full 12v and 240v electrics
  • Water system
  • Upholstery of rock 'n' roll bed and front seat
  • Cab mats
  • Subwoofer and rear speakers
  • Kitchen pod unit with narrow side cupboards
  • High roof cupboard fronts
  • Rear deck bed panel with drawers