T2 Bay Window in high gloss zebrano

Gloss zebrano interior

Every now and again something a bit different comes along, in this case it was an interior for a T2 commissioned by the lovely people at VooDoo VW for a van who goes by the name of ‘Percy’ which they have recently completed after a complete restoration (I’m told it had mushrooms growing in it when it arrived with them!). Our timber finish interiors usually have a semi matt finish but for this one VooDoo wanted a gloss zebrano finish throughout. While it’s not exactly easy to apply a high gloss finish to real wood, we think the results were worth the extra time (and A LOT of sanding!).

Along with the usual main units, wardrobe and top locker and matching table, we also built a matching buddy seat that houses the PortPotti.

We Did...

  • Design and build of custom layout unit
  • Matching Buddy Seat storage box
  • Top locker
  • Matching zebrano veneered table