Bay Window High Top Interior in Cream & Oak


Sarah and Chris’s pride and joy – a high-top bay window arrived with us after a full renovation and respray. The interior was still adorned with cork tiles on the roof and various skip bound remnants of its former self. Once we’d done stripping out all the old rubbish we got to work insulating and sound proofing. The insulations and sound proofing we use is not your usual re-purposed home loft insulation (please don’t use this stuff on your vans – it has a habit of soaking up water and rotting them from the inside!), or ineffective glorified bubble wrap  – our insulation of choice is specially designed for the motor industry, it’s a bit more expensive but there’s no point using cheap materials that ultimately don’t work. Each panel is also sound deadened to make for a quieter, more comfortable journey.

Whilst we can produce our interior units in pretty much any colour and timber, our classic cream with oak combination remains the most popular. The gloss cream surfaces reflect light in the van and make it seem more spacious, and the oak work surfaces give that classic, timeless look that compliment the T2 so well.

Sarah and Chris chose a simple cream vinyl for the seats with a grey piping, the upholstery was carried through to the front seats and door cards. The high top was carpeted in grey as was the rear section over the engine and the cab panels. Madmatz sisal mats were added to the cab and checker floor tiles were laid in the rear.

We fitted the all important sound system for those long journeys; a Retro Sounds head unit (retro in looks but thoroughly modern in operation with USB, hands free and the like), component door speakers and rear speakers behind specially machined grills under the rock ‘n’ roll bed.

We did...

  • Roof lining and full sound deadening and insulation
  • carpet lining
  • Door card upholstery
  • Flooring
  • Leisure electrics
  • Retro Sounds head unit, door speakers and rear speakers
  • Leisure water
  • Custom interior design
  • Rock 'n' roll bed with custom upholstery
  • Front seats re-upholstered to match rock 'n' roll bed upholstery
  • Unit build and fit-out