vw t5 campervan interior design
vw t5 campervan interior design
vw t5 campervan interior design

Ordering & The Process

Can we do it for when you want it?

We are only a small company and we’re not in the business of turning out endless second rate interiors – we pride ourselves in the quality and design of our interiors and such quality bespoke designs take time. As a result we tend to get well booked up in advance. In fact, we produce only a handful of full interiors a year and we may be booked up months in advance. So if you want your interior next week we’re not the people for you – sorry.

So to begin with we will give you a rough idea of when we would be able to schedule your interior in. If it is a smaller job like a kitchen pod we may be able to fit you in sooner than a full campervan refit.

If our timescales fit in OK with you we can look at specifications and pricing…

Establishing what you want from your campervan

We don’t all want the same thing from our campervans – some might want a lots of storage space and a standard width 3/4 bed, others would prefer a full width bed and a small kitchen pod. Some like a sink, others think they’re a waste of space.

It all comes down to how you want to use your campervan. It may be for days out or it may be for month long expeditions in the wilds – or maybe somewhere in between.

Most people have a good idea of what specification they want for their van, whether it’s a modest interior for a Splitty, or an all singing all dancing T5.

The first stage is to establish what you want from your campervan and what is required – is it a full refit including flooring, wall lining, upholstery and full leisure electrics, or is it a simple kitchen pod to replace an existing unit? We can chat all of this through with you and get a wish list together – once we have a rough plan of what’s required we can put together a price for you, if you’re not sure about exact specifications we can price up different options.

The Price

Next the bad news – how much it’s likely to cost. We will break everything down and let you know options for appliances, finishes etc.

There are so many variables that govern the price for your camper van conversion – you may want something totally bespoke, wood finishes, appliances galore…

So you want to go ahead!

Hopefully you’re now all excited about getting the interior your campervan deserves and want to go ahead! At this stage we ask for a deposit to book your van in with us and then we can get started with the design – narrow down finishes and layout.

Our designs are all accurately modelled in 3D software and our designs are presented to you as renders so you can get a really good idea how your interior is going to look. We can render the designs in different colours and wood finishes and show you storage space and the positioning of elements such as water containers and gas bottles.

vw campervan kitchen pod design

Construction & Fitting

We will start building your interior around six weeks before we need your van. Components are accurately CNC cut directly from the 3D design we have created for you. Once we have produced the required components we move on to veneering, material preparation and lacquering.

Once everything is made we will need your van for fitting! We have secure premises in Sheffield where we carry out our camper van fit outs.

vw t2 bay interior