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Dubteriors is run by Dav Thomas, a designer and furniture maker.

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A Passion for design and VW Campers

I have had a passion for working in wood that started as a child – the love of VW camper vans came some time later. A love of design lead to a degree in Industrial Design in Sheffield -although I accidently became a graphic designer, the love of furniture design remained constant and the large ‘man shed’ in the garden provided the perfect retreat from the computer.

We are camper van owners ourselves – we’ve had Mr O’ Leary, our T25 for nearly 10 years (he’s still waiting for a new interior, as the saying goes… the cobbler’s sons never have new shoes), I built the interior for him early on as the old Leisure Drive one was falling apart. It was the experience of building and consequently using the interior that planted the seeds of an idea of Dubteriors. A number of interiors for friends followed and so, like many in the VW trade, Dubteriors grew from a hobby and passion into a small business.

My other passion is landscape photography (or at least it was when I had any time!), there’s nothing like getting away somewhere remote in the camper van and waking up early with a beautiful location all to yourself – it’s what camper vans are all about. You can visit my photography website here.