Materials & Construction

Coloured finishes

We can produce your campervan interior in pretty much any non-metallic colour. Popular colour swatches we refer to are Farrow & Ball, RAL colours and Dulux paints – a fair old collection which will pretty much covers any colour you’re likely to desire. We can also match VW paint codes – VW L90D Pastel White is popular. Have a look at Kellie and Simon’s T2 for which we matched the units to the van’s Neptune Blue finish, which works really well with the oak worktops.

Wood Finishes

We only use real wood for our interiors – no fake plastic wood, just the real stuff. We use the finest veneers combined with solid wood edging, this gives us the world of possibilities when it comes to colour and timber texture. The most popular timbers for our VW interiors are oak, walnut, maple, cherry and wenge but the world is your visual oyster – you could choose decadent ebony or teak, choose delicate pear or make a statement with zebrano or fumed larch. If you can give us a rough idea of the feel you want for your van we can suggest timbers and provide samples – to be honest, we’re timber nerds so we’ll be in our elements!

Our timber finishes are normally finished in durable matt lacquer but we can also do full gloss – and anything in between.

Of course there are numerous timber options for your campervan but as a starting point below are some of the more popular timber options.

birch campervan interiors
walnut campervan interiors
ash campervan interiors
oak campervan interiors
dark wood campervan interiors
elm campervan interiors
ebony campervan interiors
wenge campervan interiors
maple campervan interiors
pear campervan interiors
cherry campervan interiors


Laminates such as Formica don’t have to mean tacky looking fake wood. There are a handful of great patterns available or striking solid colours – from simple black to striking red (have a look at ‘Rosie‘ with her American diner style red worktops for example). We can use laminates for worktops or use them applied to birch ply with exposed ply edges, or can combine them with wood and stainless steel.

laminates for campercan interiors
campervan laminated worktops



We generally make our main unit carcasses out of birch plywood, carefully lacquered for a smooth durable finish. Weight is kept down by using thinner material and as fewer parts as possible. Whereas a lot of camper converters don’t bother too much about the inside of their cupboards, we think that the quality of the interiors… interior is as important as the obvious outer surfaces.

All the main components are CNCed – basically a fancy computerised router that cuts all the parts to an accuracy of fractions of a millimetre. Once cut there’s still a lot of work to do – and this is where the real craft begins. Edges are routed and coloured surfaces are sealed, primed, lacquered and colour polished. Wooden surfaces are prepared with solid wood edging and then veneer that has been matched and carefully joined are glued and bonded in a vacuum press before being trimmed, scraped and sanded smooth. Everything is then given a number of coats of durable two pack lacquer.

Our interiors are designed to be bolted together with special fittings – no glue or nails!  This means that the accuracy of the CNC work is carried through right to the final assembly. No two vans are exactly the same though so fitting involves hand scribing and cutting to fit the van’s panels. The main cabinets sit on adjustable feet so they can be adjusted level (years of ‘creative welding’ can often leave VW floors a bit on the uneven side!).

cnc campervan parts
modern vw campervan conversions